We Make It Easy For You To Buy A Car From Out Of State

Stocking these incredible machines attracts attention from all four corners of the country which means we know a thing or two about travel and logistics.  We understand buying a vehicle remotely can be an anxiety provoking process and are prepared to assist in any way we can.


Here are just a few of the services we can provide:​​​​​


  • Additional photos or video of the vehicle of interest
  • Shipping at wholesale prices
  • Assistance with scheduling airfare and/or hotels
  • Safe vehicle storage while it waits to get picked up

Got a trade in?  We can handle that without it being here as well… 



Buying A Car Out Of State

What sales tax is collected?

For out of state transactions where the buyer is paying cash we do not collect sales tax.  Sales tax will be paid when you register the car.  If financing is arranged then we will collect sales tax based upon the address of buyer in accordance with their city and state.


How do I get license plates on my vehicle?

When we sell the vehicle we will provide you with a 60 day temporary permit.  This allows for enough time to get all of your titling paper work required for the city and state that you live in.


How long does it take for me to get my vehicle?

After all of the paper work is completed, returned, and the vehicle is paid for shipping takes between 7-10 days.


Is the shipping enclosed or open?

The bulk of our customers elect to ship the vehicles on an open transport truck.  The costs and time for delivery are much fast with this option.  Should you desire to have your new ride delivered enclosed please specify on the shipping quote and we are happy to make the arrangements.