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  • Nick C
    Sales Manager

    Employee Since: 2015-08-01

    Dedicated to providing superior customer service and well-serviced cars! Born and raised in Colorado and loves to spend time with his family. If it goes fast - I love it. 

  • Kendall
    Sales Manager

    Kendall grew up on a coffee farm in Hawaii, but spent his summers taking road trips across the rest of the country, which led him to Colorado.  After meeting his future wife, he decided to call CO home.  Kendall shares the same love of cars as everyone here, but took his love a step further by attending a three-day rally school in Washington.  Though he's too reserved to show off his driving skills, he is always plotting his next 1,000+ mile road trip.  Even though he grew up in Hawaii he admits his snowboarding skills far outshine his ability on a surfboard… (he's never surfed!)

  • Nick Ishu
    Vehicle Specialist

  • Arnold
    Assistant Service Manager

    The 6'5″ Surprise!  Arnold has been with us since almost day one.  After earning his BS in Business Management from Metro State University, Arnold worked worked dabbled in the snowboard industry before his love of cars brought him here.  He is easily the happiest and friendliest person you will ever meet.  His love of cars is dwarfed only by his love of tattoos-of which he has some of the most amazing sleeves in Denver.  He's definitely the best kind of hipster; something that you can't deny when you see his smile behind the wheel of his pristine E34 wagon.

  • Tarnue
    Vehicle Specialist

    "Tarnue likes Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.  He's not much into health food, but he is into champagne.  He wants to meet you by tomorrow noon, and cut through all this red tape, at a bar called O'Malley's, where he'll plan his escape"… He also isn't a fan of getting me his bio when I needed it, so until he realized what I put, this is staying online.

  • Jimmy
    Master Technician

    Jimmy has been in the automotive industry for 30 years, and his passion for European cars definitely shows.  Everything from owning to servicing, his knowledge for these cars extends far beyond what most can comprehend. He started his career at Ralph Schomp BMW, and for 19 years held the title of master BMW technician and ASE master technician; receiving numerous awards, including the regional & national winner for BMW North America.  After a while, Jimmy decided he needed a change and went on to open an independent shop, Tillery Imports, which then grew into Station Automotive.  It was during that time he trained a young Dave.  After 10 years, Dave-who was just starting Automotive Imports, reached out to Jimmy to help set up what would become the shop we have today.  He is still our shop foreman, and is always happy to help in any way… just don't be surprised if he sprays you with brake cleaner.

  • Katie
    Title Clerk

  • Barb

  • Dave

    Dave is our resident plumber, IT department technician, problem solver, and lastly, happy to be doing what he loves for a living.  Dave realized from a young age that if he did not work in the automotive industry he would be flat broke from spending all of his money on cars.  Dave has a degree in automotive marketing, and previously worked for a franchise Audi and VW dealership.  After years of watching the inefficiency and customer frustration inherent with the current automotive retail experience, Dave founded Automotive Imports.   Automotive Imports offers a novel and refreshing  experience for its customers with the assistance of an amazing team.  Dave may be spotted in a M3 or Jaguar vastly exceeding posted speed limit signs.

  • Sam Walts
    Service Advisor

    Employee Since: 2019-03-13

  • Scott Baumfalk
    Da Man on a Bike and with a wrench

  • Alex

  • Yannick Gakumba
    Da Bomb

    Don't let him get Hangry.

  • Jose

  • Edward